Paper products are renewable, recyclable, sustainable – and able to meet the increasing global demand for sustainable products while also developing innovative solutions to challenges posed by the growing world population.

Paper is incredibly versatile. New and innovative paper products are being developed while constant improvements are made to existing products that play a key role in nearly all aspects of everyday modern life:

  • Education: Paper promotes reading comprehension,information retention and learning, no matter what your age.
  • Communications: Whether you’re communicating to just one person on a greeting card or letter, or spreading the word to a larger audience via a memo or article, paper is an effective medium.
  • Information: Whether it’s a label on a medicine bottle, a birth certificate or a social security card, paper holds some of our most personal and vital information.
  • Food: Many food items come in paper-based packaging, and paper plates, cups and napkins facilitate food service.
  • Hygiene: Tissues, paper towels, diapers, to paper hospital gowns. From life’s little messes to healthcare, paper is there to help.
  • Technology: Did you know there’s a paper product – pulp - in products as diverse as LCD screens and car tires?