Spotlight in Brief: 2020 Sustainability Award Winner for Innovation in Sustainability

Apr 23, 2021


Leadership in Sustainability Award: Innovation in Sustainability   

Member Spotlight: The Price Companies  

The forest products industry leads with an approach that supports sustainable practices furthering the betterment of our planet. 

Beginning in the 1980s, AF&PA member, The Price Companies began acquiring under managed agricultural and timberland to increase conservation and sustainability practices.  

Those best management practices include: 

  • planting hardwood timber on marginal agricultural land 

  • designing corridors to enhance wildlife habitat and conserve soil and water 

  • establishing berms and buffers along streams for nutrient management 

  • improving timber stands 

  • constructing and managing lakes as fisheries to improve subsurface water 

  • re-establishing native composition 

The Price Companies are managing some of the least productive lands to enhance the profitability of the overall property and to bring back original features to the landscape that make the Mississippi Delta region unique.   

The goal is to not just improve the environment through cleaner water, healthier soils and enhanced biodiversity, but to also improve the quality of life in the Mississippi Delta now and for future generations.