Statitude: AF&PA Statistics Department Delivers Industry Data Needs

Feb 28, 2017

By Caroline Nealon
Executive Director, Paper Group & Statistics

How many analysts does it take to produce over 500 monthly, weekly and annual reports on the U.S. paper industry? If you guessed 8.5, you are 100 percent correct!

Of course, there is no “half of a person”, but AF&PA leverages the talents and skills of the statistics team on other projects integral to the association mission, including membership, accounting, policy research and even IT.‎

Advanced computer software in combination with the enhanced database and programming skills of our statistics team have enabled us to publish more reports than ever before and build a subscription program that offsets member costs. Additionally, the versatility and technical backgrounds of our staff have reduced the need for dedicated programmers and network and database engineers and has allowed for increased contribution to organizational operations.

Besides the comprehensive data available on StatMill (, AF&PA members have access to an eager and dedicated staff that will provide detailed data in customized formats - pending legal review, of course! AFPA takes that legal review very seriously, and the stats team collaborates with the counsel at AF&PA to ensure that reports are approved for publication.‎

Members provide detailed mill and company level data knowing that we maintain the confidentiality of the members and provide a report that is aggregated, timely and relevant.  Along the way, we seek feedback from members to ensure we are furnishing the data they need to support their operations. This is fundamental to the value that members receive from our data.

Speaking of value, AFPA members saw nearly $600K in revenue for all statistics reports and programs in 2016. This includes subscriptions for analysts, consultants and others, as well as contracted work.

For all ‎your US paper industry data needs‎‎ contact your friendly AF&PA stats analyst.