The U.S. Forest Products Industry: Sustainable by Nature

Feb 26, 2015

 By Paul Noe
 Vice President, Public Policy

 One of the best stories seldom told about an industry is the sustainability
 of the U.S. forest products industry.  The forest products industry is
 proud to be a leader in sustainability and a foundation for green jobs.
 We start with a renewable resource.  Through the power of the
 sun, growing forests absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and
 support the biosphere on which life on earth depends.  The fiber from those trees provides products – products that promote literacy, health and hygiene, global commerce, our sense of community, and more.  The mills that make the products are powered primarily by carbon neutral biomass residuals from the manufacturing process.  Through sustainable forest management, these products can be provided continually to improve the lives of future generations.  And after being used, the products are recyclable.  Forest products keep lands forested, store carbon, are natural and biodegradable, support our nation’s recycling system, and, ultimately can provide carbon neutral fuel.  It’s no accident that our industry was instrumental in the development of the ‘chasing arrows’ symbol.