Paper recycling is successful… and you can make it even better!

Jan 21, 2015

  By Rashida Holmes
  Manager, Paper Group

  Ever wonder if a certain paper product should be placed in the  
  recycling bin?

  Wonder no more! To help you determine what you can recycle, we  
  have added a new What is Recyclable? page to the website. The new content features a list of the paper and paper-based packaging items most commonly accepted in community recycling programs, along with corresponding icons. We’ve also added a new video, Improving Paper Recycling, with helpful tips on how to reduce contamination of paper and paper-based packaging when adding them to the recycling bin.

These new resources support AF&PA’s ongoing efforts to promote increased paper recovery. Through our industry-wide sustainability initiative, Better Practices, Better Planet 2020, AF&PA is working toward a goal to recover more than 70 percent of the paper that is used in the U.S. for recycling. We hope that the new content will continue to help you with your recycling at home, school and at work.Please take a few minutes to learn about how you can improve your paper recycling, by visiting the webpage and viewing the video here.

When you recycle, always remember to:

•    Find out what paper and paper-based packaging products are accepted for recycling in your community by contacting your local municipality or waste hauler.

•    Make sure all your paper-based products are empty, clean and dry before you put them in the recycling bin.

•    Only shred paper containing sensitive information. The Think before you shred! poster can help you determine which documents to shred.

Free interactive features, statistics, classroom materials and resources to help start or improve your paper recycling – or encourage others to start recycling! – are available on