Keeping Paper Options for All

Dec 03, 2013
  By Anna Harris
  Manager, Communications

  In today’s edition of Roll Call, Rep. Sean Duffy and Rep. Michael
  Michaud released a joint Op-Ed on the importance of paper options
  when it comes to the government and the needs of Americans,
  especially our nation’s senior citizens. With more than 50 percent
  of Americans over age 65 lacking internet access, government
 agencies are forcing people to go online to interact, communicate, and even receive checks.  

According to a national poll by Consumers for Paper Options, 73% of Americans do not believe that Americans should be expected to interact online with government agencies. AF&PA fully supports the efforts of Representatives Duffy and Michaud on this important issue, and will continue to work with them to ensure that access to all paper services are protected for those who rely on it. Click here to read the Op-Ed in today’s issue of Roll Call.