Welcome to Our New Website!

Feb 06, 2013

  Donna Harman, President and CEO

  AF&PA is proud to represent U.S. manufacturers of the paper, pulp,
  packaging and wood products that are relied upon by people across
  the country and around the world in their daily lives.  Our members           are continually innovating to create new and improved products and
  methods of production, all with an eye to ensuring sustainable
  business practices. 

Our industry has a great story to tell and is working to tell it better. Today we are unveiling our newly redesigned flagship website – afandpa.org.  We hope you find value in in the greater functionality and ease of use in finding  information that policymakers, industry representatives and consumers alike are looking for.

The AF&PA site is a fresh canvas for our messages to be displayed, highlighting our social media channels, this blog, video and interactive features to tell the story of the forest products industry and showcase  the great work being done to create, innovate and provide the products our society expects today and will need tomorrow.