AF&PA's New Office Showcases Cardboard in Unique, Sustainable Way

Mar 28, 2014

  By Dianne Peck
  Senior Director, Office Services & IT Support

  I wrote previously about the beautiful reclaimed wooden floor and wall
  in the lobby of our newly-built office. Now, I want to tell you about
  another design element that is equally dramatic.

  We wanted to showcase a member product, so our architect (FOX)
 designed a cardboard wall. That’s right – we have an amazing cardboard wall!  And it’s not just a giant piece of cardboard glued to wallboard. No way. Our cardboard wall is a one-of-a-kind piece of art which is 30 feet long and almost 8 feet high! 

A member company donated the cardboard – fifty 4’ x 8’ sheets of 1 1/2’ thick cardboard. With Fox’s design in-hand, our millworking contractor (Gaithersburg Millworking) turned cardboard (something that we all use) into an intricate piece of sculpture. 

The wall is dimensional and from the side view, you can see how it flows down the hallway. The 50 sheets of cardboard were cut into 300 pieces. Every cut had to be repeated three times. A total of 900 saw cuts were required! 

When the cutting was complete, the assembly of the giant puzzle began. Each piece was drilled to fit an exact spot, and the pieces were secured to steel rods which spanned the top and bottom of the design.

  So, when you step out of the elevator into
  our space, you see our reclaimed wooden 
  wall in one direction and our amazing
  sculptured cardboard wall in the opposite
  direction. Two different products, both
  sustainable, and both used creatively to
  remind staff and guests who we are and who
  we represent.